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Critical Factor for Identifying a Reliable Courier Service

If your business sends and receives a lot of packages, then you should identify a courier service to help you. Many courier services are available around, but it is difficult to point out at one which you think will serve you the best. Cost of the service is common consideration with a majority of people preferring to engage courier companies which charge the lowest rates but that can be misleading. There is a myriad of factors to examine in selecting a top courier company, and this article highlights a few of them.

Convenience and reliability should be at the top of your priority list. A top courier company should be steadfast in service delivery with the highest satisfaction rates from clients. When you call it, it shows up in time to pick the package and deliver it to the right destination within the time agreed. You can get guidance for identifying such a courier company from the online reviews by previous clients.

Check the weight and size limitations. Some courier companies specialize in the kind of packages they transport, and they also put restrictions on the weights and sizes of parcels. Suppose your business deals with lightweight packages such as files, then you should not worry but for heavyweight parcels such furniture, you need to make inquiries.

Ask whether there is proof of delivery. It would be frustrating if you send a package through a courier service and you are not notified whether it was delivered or not. If it takes a long period to deliver the package, then the company should provide a way of monitoring and tracking the progress of the delivery. If it takes only a few hours to deliver the goods, then tracking will not be necessary. The courier company should call, text, fax or email once it delivers the package or you can check the status of the shipment on its website.

Consider how much it costs to send the parcel. For many people, this is the first factor to examine when choosing a courier service and they rush to pick the cheapest service. Sometimes, you might choose the lowest courier service only to realise that it will not deliver the package as per your expectation. Compare the fees and costs of various courier services and select the most affordable that will offer the best quality services.

Choose a courier service that has insurance. If you want to send a valuable or confidential package, you need to consider a courier company that has insurance. If that happens, then you should claim compensation for any losses that you might incur and that is why you should insist on hiring a courier company with insurance. Importantly, choose a licensed courier company so that you do not engage quacks.

The Key Elements of Great Operations

The Key Elements of Great Operations