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Get To Learn More On Things To Expect During And After Laser Hair Removal

In the year 2018, nearly 16 million Americans underwent a non-surgical cosmetic procedure, and out of this number, about 1 million went for laser hair removal. If you want to change the way you look, you can start by seeking laser hair removal services. However this is not a decision you should take lightly, and you may require guidance on a few things. Let us look at things you should do after laser hair removal.

There are the physical effects. Immediately after seeking this service, one will always start experiencing some physical changes which are normal. However in the coming days, you may start to experience a few changes. At first, you will experience an itching effect as well as discolored skin. There is nothing to worry about as this will not last forever. Other effects include hair shedding off and also slowed down hair growth. Do not panic as this is normal.

After attending to this service, here are a few steps you need to follow. Most of these steps are very simple to carry out, and they are meant to help you maximize the effects of this service. The first step you need to try out is to shave or cut hair only. It does not matter whether any new stands of hair start to appear, do not cut or shave it. Also, avoid waxing. Let the hair grow, and you can be sure laser will zap it during your next therapy. Also make sure you scrub your skin a few times in a week to get rid of dead skin. Try your best to exfoliate from time to time. This should not be very often but a few times are enough after receiving this service. There are few options that you can try out when exfoliating, but the best of them all include the use of an exfoliating washcloth or special body scrubs.

Also after this services you need to slather on SPF. This is because it is a lot difficult to remove turned hair. The closer your hair is to the natural and skin surface, the more effective the laser treatment will be. This is among the most important steps one can follow.

The next important thing you need to know about this service is how to book your appointment. In most cases, your first two appointments should be scheduled four weeks apart. From here you are expected to go back every six to eight weeks until your hair follicles are disabled.