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Asbestos- Important Things You Need to Know

If you are familiar with the construction industry, then asbestos is sure something that you have heard of and the dangers that it comes with.

Despite fact that there are quite a number of people who are aware of this, many of them are not sure why. People must know the reason why this has to be avoided and what dangers it can bring.

To help you understand why and how asbestos can be dangerous for you, below are some essential details you should not neglect. Take note of these and protect yourself from this mineral.

Let us first learn what asbestos is.

Asbestos is a natural mineral that comes from minerals. When it comes to its texture, it is somewhat fluffy. This mineral is widely used in the 1990s as a good insulation material due to its natural property.

When construction companies have heard of it, they used the material in the different projects they had. Asbestos has been profitable to local and international construction companies.

Not only that, they have found out that other materials like concrete, paper and plastic can turn out to be stronger once mixed with asbestos. Construction companies has then made a more effective material for a stronger work.

Although this has several types and in different strands, they all share common uses and effects. In United States, they have recognized six types by their law.

But why asbestos can be dangerous? If you are going to look at its natural and solid state, there is nothing that makes it dangerous but its fibers which are tiny and invisible. The said fibers can’t be touched, tasted or even smelled. So, as they can travel easily through air, a person may inhale it without even realizing it.

What makes it even more dangerous is that the side effect can only be seen from 40-50 years. So, not having in contact with the material for several years isn’t a guarantee that you are already safe.

So, once you know that your working area is contaminated with asbestos, you should call professional service to remove it right away.

Once the tiny fibers reach your lungs, then it will slowly build up there and cause harm to your body. As they accumulate, they can start to block some parts of your lungs and airways. This is where people start to notice difficulty in breathing and can lead to a more serious problem over time.

Pleuritis, asbestosis and chronic obstructive pulmonary problem are some of the health conditions that can form because of asbestos inhalation.

With these information above, you already know how asbestos can be dangerous to your health. So if you don’t want to have health issues related to asbestos inhalation, better stay away from it.