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How Sermorelin Therapy Boosts Health by Boosting Human Growth Hormone Levels

Your body is expected to synthesize less human growth hormones (HGH) once you turn 30 or so. Sermorelin therapy is meant to replenish this lost HGH through a compound known as sermorelin acetate or simply sermorelin.

There are numerous benefits to HGH level restoration. Although results may be unique for certain patients, clinical studies have established that sermorelin treatment can lead to various physical and mental benefits, such as the following:

Increased Muscle Strength

Your body composition becomes harder and harder to change as you begin to age. This is partially because of lower HGH levels coupled with the long-term impact of carrying excessive fat, which can significantly influence your body’s chemistry and metabolism, leading to more difficult weight loss. Sermorelin can help you attain your desired weight by enhancing fat metabolism. When your body produces HGH, it starts burning adipose tissue for energy, and the treatment can revitalize your metabolism. Many studies have found a connection between higher HGH production and burning more visceral fat, and patients who exercise and take sermorelin gain more muscle mass than those who don’t. Body composition changes set in more slowly without exercise, and with constant exercise, the effects can be dramatic in a matter of weeks.

Better Cardio Function and Higher Bone Mineral Density

There are several studies suggesting that a lack of HGH in the body can lead to increased chances of developing cardiovascular illnesses, and sermorelin can help prevent these by increasing HGH levels. For example, congestive heart failure symptoms can improve with HGH supplementation. In most cases, patients who have heart disorders also have reduced HGH production, and this can be addressed through sermorelin therapy. Another significant health benefit of the therapy is that bone density can be restored to its youthful levels, which is very important in terms of preventing injuries as a person enters advanced age and deals with bone and joint issues.

Better Mood and Libido

Reduced HGH is typically associated with mood instability and a low libido, and this has something to do with the connection between decreased hormone levels and lower energy levels. When HGH levels are brought back to normal, you get more energy and a well-regulated mood, which will also help you stay away from anxiety, depression and other mood disorders. Lower libido is linked as well with a decrease in testosterone and estrogen levels, but bringing HGH levels back to normal has been proven to improve libido for both sexes. Finally, patients usually enjoy a general feeling of well-being as an effect of the treatment, even for patients who are not experiencing any mood or libido problems.

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